Deep Heat – Pain Relief Patches

When fast acting, no-fuss, targeted relief is required, Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches are the most convenient solution. An award winning brand, Deep Heat offers Australians a wide range of incredibly effective and easy pain management solutions which include the popular Back Patches and Regular Patches.

Heating products are an inexpensive and safe solution for pain management. For over 60 years Australians have relied on Deep Heat products which remain an essential feature in medicine cabinets, first aid and sports kits.

How can Deep Heat patches help relieve pain?

Heat therapy is incredibly helpful, as muscles respond well to warmth. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones are all interconnected. When heat is applied to the afflicted area it increases the flow of blood, delivering oxygen and nutrients to aid healing and restore movement. Deep Heat Patches are heating products that assist with relieving muscular aches, pains, joint stiffness, sprains, strains, cramps and spasms. It is odourless and non-messy – no hand washing required after use!

Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches are long-lasting, providing up to 16 hours of comforting and soothing warmth, allowing you to function all day long without re-application. Deep Heat Patches can be comfortably worn underneath clothing, offering discretion and provide pain relief while you work, play or relax.

Can pain relief patches help with back pain?

A lot of muscular and joint problems have their origin in the spine and back. Any damaged nerve or pulled muscle can have a ‘ripple effect’ that triggers pain elsewhere. Back, neck and shoulder pain are all very common problems experienced by the majority of people at some point, making Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches a counter-measure worth having on hand at all times.

Pain relief patches are a safe and temporary pain relief option. As many people with back problems know, debilitating pain can arise at any time, and having a remedial measure on hand is very reassuring. Deep Heat Back Patches are specially designed to target tight and painful areas using the massaging ability of deeper heat penetration. Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches assist with:

  • Easing back pain
  • Relaxing muscle and joint stiffness
  • Improving mobility
  • Sports injury recovery
  • Strains and sprains
  • Relief from period cramps

How should you apply pain relief patches?

Pain relief patches are easy to apply and continue to work for the entire day. Simply place the patch on a clean, dry area of your skin requiring heat treatment. The adhesive sticks to the skin and the patch will heat up after 5 minutes. Avoid applying it to broken, bruised skin or areas where there is swelling. A pain relief patch should be worn for a maximum of 8 hours. Once your remove the patch, it will continue to deliver warmth and pain relief for a further 8 hours. Hence effective for a total of 16 hours!

How long can you keep a pain relief patch on for?

In a fast-moving world where you need to stay on top of your game, the last think you need is for pain to slow you down. Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches can make all the difference. As soon as you apply the heat patch to your skin, it will activate and fully heat up within five minutes, facilitating much needed therapeutic relaxation and healing for 8 hours.

Upon removal it will continue to deliver the healing power of heat for a further eight hours.

Can you sleep with a pain relief patch on?

The simple answer is no. Heat patches contain iron oxide that activates when it comes in contact with air and heats up fast. Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches can be used any time of day for temporary relief of pain, but should be removed prior to sleep. But not to worry, you will continue to feel the soothing effects for up to eight more hours, allowing your body to recover while you sleep comfortably.

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