How do Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches work?

We’re well and truly into 2022, and for a lot of us, that means nearly two full years of working, and working out, at home. While sleep-ins and comfy pants are appreciated, make-shift work from home stations and muscle pain is not. Alarmingly, yet not unsurprisingly, muscles aches and pains are suffered by nearly 7 million Australians per year but thankfully are considered one of the most preventable health issues in Australia.

Whether you’re experiencing neck and joint pain from suboptimal home office chairs (we’re looking at you, couch), you’ve tried a Pilates class at home, or simply slept in an awkward position, finding a solution isn’t always easy.

If you’re looking for effective and fast-acting pain relief, we’ve got you covered. Our Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches can provide UP TO 12 HOURS OF TARGETED PAIN RELIEF against muscle aches and pains. Unlike other pain relief patches on the market, not only are Deep Heat Patches simple to use but they’re safe enough to use over a number of days. Deep Heat Patches contain Iron Powder and when exposed to oxygen, heat up. Simply stick the patch over the painful area (either directly on skin or over clothing as indicated on packaging) and it will start ACTIVATING FROM JUST 60 SECONDS.

For the best results, apply the patch at the beginning of the day to enjoy fast, targeted pain relief all day long, making sure to remove the patch before you go to sleep.

Still not convinced? All of the Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches are completely odourless, allowing you to enjoy discreet pain relief at work or during social occasions. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes to contour perfectly to your muscles.

To provide the best care to you, we have created 5 different versions of the Deep Heat patches according to the top types of pain experienced by Australians: 

Deep Heat Neck & Joint Heat Patches

Whether you’re hunched at your desk or slouched on your couch, a stiff neck and crunchy shoulders are never welcome. Make sure to keep a Deep Heat Neck & Joint Heat Patch handy at all times for when pain strikes during a busy day in the office or your next social event. As mentioned earlier, our patches are odourless and work for up to 8 hours, letting you enjoy discreet, long-lasting pain relief when you need it most! Our cleverly designed, jelly-bean shaped patches are perfect for applying over difficult body parts too!

Deep Heat Lower Back & Hip Heating Belt

Sure, muscle pain is bad but lower back pains always seem to be the worst. It pops up when you least expect it and always at the worst of times. We understand that a bad back can ruin your day, so we designed the ONE SIZE FITS ALL Deep Heat Lower Back & Hip Heating Belt. Providing up to 12 hours of targeted, sustained temporary pain relief, the unique Velcro band offers comfort throughout the entire day and can be worn on top of clothing for extra comfort and ease of movement.

Deep Heat Back Pain Extra-Large Heat Patch

There are some days when you wake up feeling sore in all the wrong places. Whether it’s from a rough night's sleep or a late-night boogie at the bar (as restrictions ease, who can blame us!),our Deep Heat Back Pain Extra-Large Heat Patch is here for you. The Extra-Large Heat Patch sticks directly to the skin and activates in just 60 seconds, so you can return to the dancefloor without any worries!

Deep Heat Period Pain Heat Patches

Ladies, we can all agree that there is nothing more dreaded than period pain. And it can be extremely difficult and inconvenient to carry a wheat bag or hot water bag around all day. Why not try our Deep Heat Period Pain Heat Patches? Applied onto clothing, our thin, oval shaped patches provide period pain relief for up to 12 hours so you can get on with your day!

Deep Heat Muscular Pain Heat Patches

This one’s for the person who is always on the go. The individual who's constantly on the move, and while they love being active and getting things done, their muscles sometimes come away tired and sore. We see you, and we’ve got you. Our Deep Heat Muscular Pain Heat Patches are smaller in size and suited for areas that require extra movement, perfect for your arms or smaller joints and muscles. Not only are they great for providing 8-hour pain relief, but they are flexible enough to look after your muscles while you seize the day.


Our Deep Heat Pain Relief Patches are available at Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and other leading pharmacies.