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In sport, there is nothing like having an advantage over the opposition – from differentiating your tactics, intensifying your training sessions to developing a kick-ass warm up and recovery routine that improves endurance and strength. Management of stresses and strains on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones is a high priority, making Deep Heat Sports Performance products a smart investment for long-term health.

How can heat help with sport injuries?

The power of heat has been used for thousands of years. Heat increases the blood flow to muscles, delivering nutrients and oxygen, warming muscles and joints and improving mobility – which helps boost your sports performance. Heat therapy is incredibly versatile and also aids with muscle repair  and recovery from injury. The method of heat treatment used on sports injuries is determined by the nature of the injury, along with the recovery time-frame and steps.

Heat therapy is an essential component of injury management, and is particularly useful for recovery from chronic (long-term) injuries. In many cases, Deep Heat Sports Performance products used in conjunction with the right training techniques, is the secret behind sporting longevity.

When should you use Deep Heat’s sports performance range?

Recognising that both amateurs and professionals require warm up and protection from injury, Deep Heat has created a sporting performance range that can be used by both.

Here are the advantages from Deep Heat’s Sports Performance Range before, during and after sports.

Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion: The need for proper warm up prior to exercise or sport can’t be overstated. You need to warm up muscles, remove tension and stimulate blood flow to allow your body to ease into top gear without strain. Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion penetrates into muscles and soft tissue, promoting flexibility and strength when you need it most.

Deep Heat Sports Spray: Pain can occur at unexpected times, and having instant relief on hand can make a big difference to performance. Deep Heat Sports Pain Relief Spray is a pain management solution, delivering an instant burst of heat that relieves aches, sprains and pains, aiding the muscle healing process. Just spray and play.

Deep Heat PRO Sports Recovery Massage Oil: When it’s time to warm down and loosen up after exercise, this massage oil will penetrate deeply into muscles and soft tissue. Deep Heat PRO Sports Recovery Massage Oil allows the muscles to warm down gently by encouraging blood flow which in turn helps with tissue repair and loosen tight muscles.

What injuries can the sports performance range help with?

Your first aid kit should contain versatile products that are easy to store, carry and apply. Whether you are a professional, weekend warrior playing social sports, or a qualified first aider on the sideline ready for response, Deep Heat products play an important role with maximising sporting performance, injury management and intervention.

Deep Heat PRO sports range helps to warm up and warm down muscles thus helping with injury prevention and boosting your sports performance. It does not aid with pain management.

For pain and injury management, choose from a range of Deep Heat Heating and Cooling products such as Deep Heat Regular, Deep Heat Sports Spray, Deep Heat Patches, ICE Gel and many more. These can rapidly act to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Diminish muscle spasms
  • Increase blood flow
  • Promote healing

Can Deep Heat improve your sports performance?

Improved sports performance in today’s competitive world is reliant on regular training and exercise. Every competitor wants an edge over the opposition – research has shown that improved warm up and recovery techniques and regular massage therapy can boost your performance. Deep Heat PRO range is designed to give you that edge. Deep Heat PRO products are ideal for sports people who want to achieve optimum fitness levels, and stay that way.

Is Deep Heat’s sports performance range suitable for professional use?

Yes, the Deep Heat PRO sports performance products are ideal for professional like physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists or sports trainers to use in their practice or clinics. Benefits include;

  • Sports tape friendly
  • Does not matte hair
  • Low odour iconic Deep Heat smell
  • Medium heat
  • Lasts long during an intense therapy session – a little product goes a long way!

Deep Heat PRO products contain a heating agent called Hotflux® (VBE) that generates a warming sensation. Heat increases blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels delivering added oxygen and nutrients like vitamins and amino acids to the muscles. As you massage the product onto the muscle group, it softens ‘knots’, relaxes and loosens both muscles and soft tissue.

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