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Cold therapy for pain relief 

Cold Therapy causes the blood vessels to constrict which can help minimise soft tissue damage, after an injury has occurred. Cold Therapy for aches and pains in muscles and joints is well established and recommended by sports physiotherapists and health professionals.

Pain is the body’s number one warning that something is wrong. You can experience it right away, like when you sprain your wrist (immediate) or it can develop over time (chronic) as in the case of joint pain and soreness that continues over extended periods.


Cold Therapy is effective for:

  • Muscular Aches or Pain
  • Mild joint pain
  • Sports Injuries, such as knocks to muscle areas
  • Slight sprains or strains


What's more, using cold therapy can assist in reducing risk of pain developing due to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) which can occur 24-48 hours after exercise.

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In the first 72 hours

Injuries can be painful and stop you from participating in your sport. An injured body naturally experiences heat, pain, redness and swelling to protect itself. Pain is from the inflammation and swelling in the injured area. Reducing swelling is paramount in the first 72 hours as it provides the best possible environment for your recovery.

Use either cold, heat, or both

Heat and Cold are both helpful in healing but they help in very different ways. Cold stops the blood flow to the area temporarily so the swelling and pain can decrease. Heat increases blood flow to the area so healthy blood can get there sooner. The key is when to use either cold, heat, or both.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that stretching prior to exercise will improve your mobility when you work out? Depending on the type of exercise that you’re doing, stretching can help improve your exercise intensity over time.