ICE Roll-On
ICE Roll-On
ICE Roll-On

ICE Roll-On

ICE Roll-on is designed to provide targeted, cooling relief to help relax cramped, fatigued and aching muscles through the benefit of massage. Can be used after exercise and intense activity to help soothe aching joints and speed muscle recovery.

✔ SPEEDS MUSCLE RECOVERY – massage after exercise to optimise recovery.
✔ FAST-ACTION – roll-on format for fast, convenient and mess-free application - great for sports bags!
✔ TARGETED – works like ice by cooling the desired area.
✔ EASY-TO-APPLY & MESS-FREE – non-greasy, absorbs well into the skin and doesn't stain fabric.
✔ FRESH PEPPERMINT SCENT – great for work or social occasions.

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