Ice Cold Patches (4 Pack)
ICE Cold Patches
ICE Cold Patches

ICE Cold Patches

These thin, flexible patches provide rapid and sustained targeted cooling pain relief of Joint Pain, Mild Arthritis, Back Pain, Muscular Aches or Pain, Sports related Muscular Pain including Sprains or Strains. The adhesive patches can be wrapped around difficult body joints such as ankles and elbows.

SIZE: 14cm x 10cm

Temporary Pain Relief:

✔ Back Pain
✔ Muscular back pain during pregnancy
✔ Joint Pain or Stiffness
✔ Knocks or Bumps
✔ Mild Arthritic Pain
✔ Muscular Aches or Pain
✔ Neck Pain
✔ Shoulder Pain
✔ Sports related Muscular Pain 
✔ Sprains or Strains

LOW ODOUR - great for work or social occasions
EFFECTIVE - temporary pain relief
TARGETED - apply direct to the affected area
FLEXIBLE - great for joint areas

4 Pack

Where to buy:

Also available in other leading pharmacies.

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