Deep Heat Back Stretching Exercises

OUCH! Back Pain, particularly Lower Back Pain, is the most common form of pain¹. Around 1 in 6 Australians have Back Pain each year ². Whether it’s a once in a while occurrence or a day-to-day complaint, living with Back Pain is horrible and it is important to find ways to manage it safely and effectively.

Back Pain can be caused by many factors such as the body’s wear and tear, strains, injuries, muscular issues, posture issues, incorrectly lifting heavy objects, stress or simply over tiring muscles whilst playing sports or even sleeping awkwardly.

Most of us know that eating a balanced diet and being active to maintain a healthy weight are great starting points to keep your back strong. Appropriate therapy such as medication, acupuncture, massage and physiotherapy can all play a role¹. Stretches and strengthening exercise can also help can help keep your back strong and help mange your pain. Here we offer you a 3-step ‘STRETCH –STRENGTHEN –THERAPY’ process to help combat and manage your Back Pain!

Step 1: Stretching exercises to mobilise your back

Mobilise your back muscles with some simple stretching exercises. With easy to follow video’s and a step-by-step guide that you can do in the convenience of your home (or even at work at your desk!)



Deep Heat Back Stretch Exercises

Step 2: Exercises to strengthen your back

After you’ve completed the stretches, now work on strengthening your back muscles for better support. The videos will take you through 5 exercises with varying intensity options.



Deep Heat Back Strengthening Exercises

Step 3: Heat & Cold therapy for back pain relief

Important information about what, how, when and why to use cold and heat therapy to manage your back pain.




If you have back injury or any underlying health conditions – the Stretch & Strengthen exercises are not for you.

For those who are healthy, if you experience any pain at all, during these gentle stretches, be sure to stop. Remember you should feel a comfortable stretch – go slow and let your body have time to adjust & pause to enjoy the stretch. It has many benefits & you should feel a little more mobile after doing these.

Do not perform any of these exercises until you have read this important information.