Deep Heat – Arthritis Pain Relief

Sufferers of arthritis know how difficult it is to treat, with many forms of arthritis considered incurable due to their degenerative and autoimmune natures. However, most arthritis is manageable, and maintenance is possible with appropriate measures, including Deep Heat Arthritis Relief specially formulated for fast, targeted relief of pain from Arthritis, Rheumatism and Fibrositis.

How can you relieve arthritis pain?

Severe arthritis is treated with anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers prescribed by a medical practitioner. However, there are lots of natural ways you can ease the pain of arthritis for improved flexibility and movement. Here are a few ideas for arthritis pain relief.

Hot and cold therapy: The curative effect of warm showers, baths and bedding shouldn’t be underestimated, and the addition of Deep Heat Arthritis Relief will provide deeper heat penetration. In situations where swelling or inflammation caused by an injury are evident, the alternative cooling relief of ICE Gel will alleviate pain and cool the area down.

Lose weight: When you lose weight, stress on joints and surrounding tissue is reduced, helping to prevent future damage while also easing pain symptoms of arthritis.

Get some exercise: Regular movement will help you maintain better flexibility in joints and create stronger bone and tissue.

Massage therapy: Regular massage can help reduce pain and stiffness whilst improving your range of motion. Using Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion to warm up muscles and joints before a workout is a complementary addition to your arthritis management routine.

Is heat therapy good for arthritis?

In many situations where pain is ongoing, distracting and sometimes debilitating, heat is the most beneficial cure. Deep Heat Arthritis Pain Relief provides heating pain relief and penetrates to the source of pain. It aids with muscle healing and helps reduce swelling, facilitating better all-round quality of life for Arthritis sufferers.

Advantages of Deep Heat Arthritis Relief include:

  • Extra strength for fast arthritis pain relief
  • Long-lasting heat penetration
  • Suitable for everyday use whenever required
  • Doesn’t stain sheets or clothing
  • Non-greasy and easy to apply

What can you use for fast relief of arthritis pain?

Deep Heat products have been scientifically formulated for pain management, and Deep Heat Arthritis Relief is a topical rub specifically formulated to retrieve arthritic, rheumatic and joint pain. With a balance of heating agents and soothing ingredients, pain relief is targeted and multi-purpose.

Deep Heat Arthritis Relief ingredients include:

  • Methyl Salicylate: A heating agent that helps with pain relief and muscle healing, methyl salicylate decreases pain and inflammation. It does this by encouraging the body’s natural enzymes to fight the production of prostaglandins which cause pain and inflammation.
  • Menthol: Known as an effective topical analgesic, menthol provides temporary fast acting pain relief. It also has the ability to reduce swelling when applied immediately after injury.

Who should use Deep Heat arthritis pain relief?

Deep Heat Arthritis Relief has been developed to assist sufferers of arthritic, rheumatic, fibrositis or joint pain. The deep penetrating action is ideal for rheumatic problems, joint issues, back pain, muscle strains and stiffness.

Is Deep Heat arthritis relief used by health professionals?

Yes, Deep Heat products are recommended and widely used by health professionals, sports coaches and massage therapists in clinics and practices. Deep Heat has been an essential component of first aid kits for generations.

For alleviating joint and muscle pain, improving circulation and promoting flexibility, Deep Heat Arthritis Relief is the answer. You will notice comforting, warmth and pain relief the moment Deep Heat is applied, and the healing continues for hours even while you go about regular day to day activities with improved mobility.

Deep Heat Arthritis Pain Relief
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Deep Heat Arthritis Relief

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