Our Story

Experts in Heat Therapy, Deep Heat has been providing warmth and relief to Australians since 1956. A household brand to many families, Deep Heat remains the most known and trusted heat rub brand in Australia.*

Found in many different sports bags and because of its distinctive smell, no wonder Deep Heat has become an integral part of the pre-game warm-up routines in countless locker rooms. Providing not only physical muscular relief, it also plays an important part in the mental preparation of players. In addition Deep Heat is all about providing pain relief and aiding the muscle healing process in between games and strenuous exercise, making sure you get back into the game as fast as possible!

Through the years Deep Heat has extended its product range to provide targeted pain relief solutions for all types of muscular aches and pain, using various formats like creams, gels, sprays and patches.

To complement the Deep Heat range and its Heat Therapy products, ICE Gel and ICE Spray are the go-to products for all your Cold Therapy needs. Providing fast relief and instant cooling, they are essential products in every first aid or sports injury pack and excellent alternatives to ice cubes.

Celebrating 60 years of Heat Therapy – make sure you can smell VICTORY with DEEP HEAT!

*GFK Consumer Research Study Oct 2011. Metrix Consumer Research Study Dec 2015.