Hot versus Cold

Preparation and caring for your muscles before you take part in any exercise is equally as important to warming down and stretching out after exercise.

Using Heat Therapy before exercise, for muscular aches and pains, as part of your warm up can increase blood flow which helps increase the flexibility of muscles and joints to help prevent injury.

When there is any injury, Cold Therapy should be applied immediately .




How does it work?Heat increases blood flow to the affected area providing oxygen & nutrients to aid the healing process and help restore movement.When cold is applied it causes blood vessels to constrict. This can help minimise damage and thereby reduce the amount of repair required.
How do I apply?Heat should be applied to the affected area where pain is felt to provide fast, targeted relief.

It can also be used before exercise as part of a warm-up, or after exercise as part of the warm-down if no injury has occurred.

Cold should be applied to the affected areas immediately after injury when pain is felt. Treatment should continue until all swelling has subsided (can take up to 72 hours).
When should I use?
  • Stiff aching muscles
  • Muscular back pain
  • Before exercise (for muscular aches and pains or to aid warm-up)
  • After exercise (to aid warm-down – only if no injuries have occurred)
  • Muscle injury rehab
  • Sprains, strains, after injury
  • Sharp, shooting muscle pain