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Tim Robards answers your muscle performance questions

November 03, 2017 4 min read

We saw you push your limits as a Ninja very recently! What did you do to prepare your muscles for your Ninja Warrior Event?

I massage with Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion - the heat along with massage helps to warm-up and loosen tight muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Dynamic stretching is imperative in the warm up ... slowly warming up using functional movements you will have to complete in the competition.

I take Epsom salt baths, take magnesium supplements, fish oil and keep up my Vitamin D. I also take a collagen supplement because I guess it can't hurt! Trying to keep my muscles elastic and healthy!

I use saunas and cold baths/showers regularly. Helps with recovery! Your forearms and hands cop a beating - so I use a nail file to file down calluses and lots of massage and ROM stretches for the forearm muscles!



What are your 3 Top Health Rituals you cannot live without?

Getting enough sleep! I have a routine at night I try to follow with best intentions ... dimming the lights around 10, a cup of tea, turning off phone and laptop, warm shower and some essential oils in a diffuser.

I love treating myself to an Epsom salt bath on a weekly basis … so nice to chill and soak in the magnesium!

I love getting a massage if I can fit it in, if not I take to the trigger points with a massage ball for a rolling session and of course along with some Deep Heat to get some warmth in there and help with the massage!


We can see you love to travel! What are your favourite outdoor workout locations?

I love Marks Park in Tamarama. There is usually not many people and it has the best view!

You can’t beat setting up your rings in Santorini off the balcony! Amazing views, or recently I was in a park in Ravallo with a really cool vibe … you can take the rings anywhere!


What is your go to cheat meal?

Spaghetti Bolognese or a Seafood Marinara!


What is your favourite muscle – and why?

It would be the shoulder joint. It is the most mobile joint of the body and has so many muscles working together to stabilise and create power!


Can you give us a sample gym workout? Something you might do for weeks leading up to a Ninja Warrior style event.

You need grip strength to succeed on the Ninja Warrior course! Start with timed hangs with 2 arms and build up to one minute. Then start with single arms holds and build up to 30 seconds. Short sprints and Box jumps (going for height) will help with power up the wall. Monkey bar swings (going for length/distance) as well as clap chin-ups for power.


We all know Ninja’s need great agility! Can you provide a sample warm-up routine for a Ninja to help reduce the likelihood of injury and optimise performance before such a physically challenging event?

Spend 30 seconds rocking into each of the below - treat it like a warm-up circuit training course!

  • Deep squat rocking side to side and mobilising ankles.
  • Gecko stretch to open hips with a twist for your spine.
  • Swinging legs forward and backwards and side to side to dynamically warm up legs/hips and spine.
  • Jefferson curls can be great for the spine and hamstrings.
  • Simple arm swings and some 30 seconds holds with single hand swaps are great too.


What are your 3 tips for someone wanting to speed muscle recovery?

Massage with a heating product such as Deep Heat PRO Sports Massage Recovery Oil helps to loosen tight muscles, increase blood flow and warm-down muscles gradually, following an intense workout … as well as an Epsom salt bath, with a mix of cold showers!

Rolling with a trigger point ball can be great to assist in releasing muscles. Make sure you get the right amino acids and plenty of water - and sleep!


How do you control feelings of nervousness before an event like a Ninja Warrior or Crossfit Challenge? What 3 mental preparation performance tips would you give someone?

You need to have the confidence that you have done the right training and prep. If you know you've looked after yourself, you're not injury prone, you will have the confidence to go all out with a great performance. Sometimes things don’t go your way on the day but you want to at least know there was no more you could have done leading up to it.

The other thing that helps to get me psyched up is actually the nostalgic smell of Deep Heat which transports me mentally back to the days as a school kid in the locker rooms about to go out and dominate on the football field, feeling like I’m 16 again and I still have unexplored ability ... I call it "The Pro Zone".



By Tim Robards

Chiropractor & Fitness Expert


MORE ...  Tim demonstrates a few self-massage techniques with Deep Heat
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