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Tim Robards' 5 Exclusive Body Tips!

March 08, 2017 2 min read

Deep Heat PRO ambassador and former Men’s Style cover star Tim Robards offers some useful exercise and health advice.

1. Muscles massages aren’t just for holidays

Massages are a great way to relax on holiday but you should really consider using some massage techniques in your pre-exercise routine. Anyone who is serious about fitness should be well aware that joint health is so important. You can have the biggest muscles around but if your joints aren’t flexible then you could be headed towards injury. A comprehensive warm up involves tending to your joint muscles and ligaments. For great results, combine your warm-up with a massage with a lotion like Deep Heat PRO. The ‘stripping technique’ involves applying firm pressure to a muscle with your thumbs and running them down the full length of the muscle.

One particular massage I always make a point to take care of is the rotator cuff (shoulder joint). This muscle is always at work even when we’re standing or at rest. Before a work out or any kind of sport I use a stripping technique combined with heat therapy massage oil.

 2. Ankle mobility will give you more explosive power and speed

The ankles are the first step in the biometric chain. If you take the time to improve mobility in your ankles you’ll begin to see improvements further up in your knees and hips. This is especially useful if you’re looking to improve your running form. Improving ankle mobility will also improve your balance, which gives you the best foundation for your entire running motion. You’ll be more explosive off the mark and your body will move with more precision.

3. Your hips can prevent major hamstring and groin injury

It’s important to make sure that your hips are evenly warmed up before any physical exercise. The hips help control our core. If one side is looser or tenser than the other then the whole body won’t move with balance and precision, which can then lead to groin and hamstring injuries. Massaging your thighs in conjunction with dynamic warm ups like leg rotations will make sure you’re fully mobilised and evenly limbered up.

4. Increase shoulders flexibility will give you more strength than your weight workouts

Shoulders are the most mobile joints in the body but if your usual training regime involves nothing but weights, you could be losing some mobility and power. As I’ve mentioned previously, tour rotator cuff is always at work even when we’re standing at rest. Making sure this muscle is flexible will give you a much fuller range of motion and ultimately increase your strength and power, which is great for sports like tennis or cricket.

5. Thoracic mobility will benefit your entire body’s muscle performance

Your thoracic muscles (upper back) have a huge impact on the performance of every muscle, as flexible and
strong upper back muscles will improve your breathing and oxygen intake. Having as much oxygen as possible pumping into your muscles and you’ll be able to perform at your absolute peak.

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