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Tim Robards answers your muscle performance questions

November 03, 2017

Tim Robards answers everything from competing in Ninja Warrior, his favourite cheat meal, muscle recovery to sample warm-up routines.

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Foam-rolling and self-massage for HIIT and Crossfit

August 02, 2017

Rolling, mobilisations and self-massage techniques to increase your upper body strength and crush your next powerlifting or crossfit session!

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Recovering in between workouts with Tim Robards

April 15, 2017

Tim Robards talks about areas you need to focus on to ensure that you recover properly in between workout sessions.

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How to warm down after exercise with Tim Robards

April 10, 2017

Tim Robards talks about the importance of a warm down, why you need it after every workout and tips on a really efficient warm down routine.

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Push the limits with Tim Robards

April 05, 2017

Tim Robards talks about pushing the limits, why we do it and how to do it safely without injuring yourself.

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How to warm up before exercise with Tim Robards

April 01, 2017

Tim Robards talks about the importance of warm up and tips of how to warm up for different sporting activities.

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Tim Robards' 5 Exclusive Body Tips!

March 08, 2017

Deep Heat PRO ambassador and former Men’s Style cover star Tim Robards offers some useful exercise and health advice.

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Get with the PROgram: 3 essential training tips

March 08, 2017

Get 3 simple training tips from Tim Robards including your headspace, muscle prep and stretching for the game.

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Sports massage tips from Tim Robards

March 07, 2017

If you are experiencing tight hamstrings, hamstring strains, sore calves or need to recover from a heavy workout or an endurance race like the Survival the Fittest, this is what you need.

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How to train like a pro

December 19, 2016

For the best results in competing, you need 2 things - commitment and effective training. After 15 years in the health and fitness industry, I really believe there is nothing more important than functional body weighted training.

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How to prep like a pro

December 06, 2016

Dynamic stretching is the golden ticket to improve performance. In this video, Tim Robards shows you how to dynamically warm up 5 key muscle groups - ankles, hips, hamstrings and lower back, thoracic (upper back) and shoulders.

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How to mobilise your upper back and chest

December 02, 2016

In this PRO Series episode, Tim Robards shows you how to mobilise the upper back and chest to maximise recovery.

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