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Let Deep Heat help you perform

January 23, 2019 1 min read

Prepare your muscles for performance and then help them recover afterwards with these two products from Deep Heat PRO.

Deep Heat PRO Muscle Massage Lotion is designed to be used with massage to warm up your muscles and promotes blood circulation. The formula contains HOTFLUX and provides a medium heating sensation; it can be used before and during exercise, and can be used before strapping.

Deep Heat Ropes

The Muscle Massage Lotion is designed to non-greasy with no hair matting and easy to wipe off so it won’t stay on your hands. It also has the iconic Deep Heat smell that’s designed not to linger.

After exercise, Deep Heat PRO Sports Recovery Massage Oil is designed to be used with massage help your muscles recover. The formula also contains HOTFLUX, providing a medium heating sensation so your muscles warm down and loosen.

The Massage Oil can be used during and after exercise; it’s oil-based for massage with light consistency (with no hair matting). And like the Muscle Massage Lotion, it has the iconic Deep Heat smell that’s designed not to linger.


Deep Heat PRO Sports products are no longer available.


Source: Greatwalks.com.au

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