Deep Heat Back Stretching Exercises

Backs are made for moving, too much sitting about is making our back muscles weak. These 4x simple stretches will help mobilise a stiff back, improve your circulation and help take your back pain away. No need for gym gear or any special equipment to do these 4 simple exercises. They can be done at your desk or in the comfort of your own home! Be sure you watch and listen carefully to the demo videos.

Remember go really SLOWLY & ENJOY the stretches!


  • Put your feet hip width apart and evenly distribute your weight
  • Raise your arms slowly out wide, palms to ceiling
  • Reach as high as you can comfortably and pause for a moment
  • Release as you breathe out and lower your arms back to your hips
  • Repeat x2 more times & stretch a little further if you can each time, being careful not to overstretch.


  • Keeping your feet hip width apart and weight evenly distributed
  • Stand tall. Slowly slide your hand down the side of your leg as far down as you can comfortably
  • Keep your opposite shoulder down
  • Pause a moment and slowly come back up to the centre so you are standing tall
  • Then do the other side. Repeat x2 more times on each side.


  • Stand by a table with feet hip width apart and place your hands on the table to take the pressure off your back
  • Slowly start to arch your back as if someone was lifting you between your shoulder blades allowing your head and neck to relax
  • Tuck in your tail bone, clench your glutes and hold for a moment
  • Take a deep breath in, then exhale
  • Drop your tummy down and dip your back bringing your head up slowly
  • Repeat the sequence another x2 more times.


  • This one needs to be done carefully, especially if you have had disc problems in the past. Go slowly and if you get any pain, stop
  • Stand with your feet hip width apart, engage your glutes and tummy
  • Keep hips still, facing forward and stretch your arms out
  • Take your right hand, cross over your body and place palm on left hip. Then take it back to where you started and take your left hand across your body to the right
  • Do 3x more times – keep moving, slowly and gently
  • Keeping your arms extended gradually raise your arms up the body with each rotation – to your waist and then to shoulder height
  • Do 3x more times each side. Repeat the full sequence 2x more times trying to gently extend your arms back a little further each time.

If you have back injury or any underlying health conditions – these are not for you.

For those who are healthy, if you experience any pain at all, during these gentle stretches, be sure to stop. Remember you should feel a comfortable stretch – go slow and let your body have time to adjust & pause to enjoy the stretch. It has many benefits & you should feel a little more mobile after doing these.

Do not perform any of these exercises until you have read this important information.